I. abbreviation
1. congius
2. congregation
II. \\ˈkäŋ, ˈkȯŋ\ noun (plural cong)
Usage: usually capitalized
Etymology: by shortening

* * *

/kong/, n.
Informal. Vietcong.
[by shortening]

* * *

cong «kong», noun, plural cong.
Vietnamese. a measure of land equal to 10 acres or 1000 square meters: »

If they [farmers] had seventeen cong, the Front would leave them seven and take ten (Harper's).

Cong «kong», noun.
= Vietcong. (Cf.Viet Cong)
a) gallon. b) congius.
1. Congregation.
2. a) Congregational. b) Congregationalist.
3. a) Congress. b) Congressional.

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